Experience: With forty-two years and counting to our name, we at Paul’s Towing have the experience that this job demands. We have seen everything there is to see about car towing, and we know how best to handle each vehicle that needs our services.

Affordable: Our pricing is affordable because we understand that our job involves a lot of unplanned emergencies. We were considerate when placing our fees and ensure that you wouldn’t need to break more than a piggy bank to enjoy our services.

Twenty-four hours service: Emergencies don’t happen at a planned time, and so, having a towing company that works all week, day, and needs long is a treasure to behold. With Paul’s Towing LTD, you don’t have to worry about getting service at an ungodly hour because we will gladly come to your rescue.

Response time: Getting a timely service when stuck in the middle of the road or highway or when stuck in a deserted area, is a delight. We at Paul’s Towing, aren’t just your knight in shining armor in these situations, we are also a timely service, less than an hour, a knight in shining armor.

Certification and licensing: Experience doesn’t cut it if license and certification of authenticity and trust aren’t attached to it. At our towing service, we have both experience and the certification to back it.

Equipment and tools: When it comes to having all the right equipment for a job, we win the award in the towing category. From trailer to smaller fix-up kit, we have it all, and we know perfectly well how to use them.

Insurance coverage: In the unlikely situation that things go wrong while our team is helping you, we have the insurance coverage to soothe the situation. But don’t worry, this insurance coverage never comes in handy.

More than one service: We care for our clients, and so we offer other services including:

Battery boosting
Car lockout services
Tire changing
Tire air upping
Scrap car removal

All these services are provided following the pattern of our towing services.

Garage facility: This is especially useful for those new to the area and has no place to keep their vehicles when they break down. Our garage is open at a fee for you to keep your vehicles until you find a solution to its problems. Our garages are secured with state of the art surveillance so that you can rest easy.