Vehicles can either be a necessity or a luxury, and no matter the reason for use or the quality of the car; it is bound to have some issues. Cars get impaired and break down, tires bust and deflate, cars seem to have a mind of their own and can lock you out, engines weaken, and tires need to be changed. Irrespective of what situations your cars bring to you, we are here to help.

We are Paul’s towing, and we are a 42-year-old towing company that works in the region of Richmond and the surrounding areas of Vancouver, Burnaby, New Surrey, and Westminster. We cover the areas of Sea Island, Finn Slough Thompson, Steveston, Burkeville, Southam, Seafair, Brighouse, and Broadmoor. In our years of service, we have assisted thousands of cars in their moment of distress.

As a customer-driven and customer friendly company, we are prompt in giving consolation to those whose vehicles are locked in a position. We offer price-friendly services with multiple payment options of debit, credit, and cash. Our business hours are run from Monday through to Sunday, all 24 hours.  

With timely service, we can be at your location all around the areas we cover in an hour or less. We are equipped with a workforce that is sufficient to handle all our client’s needs and a truck fleet that is perfect for various situations. 

Canada is our home, and we offer a relentless and dedicated service to it. We are licensed and certified to operate, and our experience is an advantage over many other firms. We are vehicle lovers, and we extend the much-needed care to vehicles that come our way. We also offer services for scrap vehicles that need to be towed from accident sites, and for temporary vehicle storage.