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Towing is all about having the right force to pull the equipment and then transfer them. Our company has a collection of the most useful trucks in our business line. There are several truck types necessary for a Tow truck company, all of which have various uses.

  • Boom tow trucks: The first of these trucks, has a moveable boom attached to a winch. These types of trucks are perfect for lifting vehicles that might have fallen into ditches and or other deep ends. The vehicle, when in use, acts as a rotator or crane and can be useful in lifting off heavy vehicles. Some towing vehicles that come with a boom system also come with a sling. Slings are a bit older in the model, but they are handy in lifting off heavy-duty cars with steel bumpers. They can also be useful for cars which might have been in an accident or that might have lost one or more of the car wheels. Slings are not a very good option for smaller vehicle cars, since their bumpers are not strong enough to withstand the force, and their drivetrain can be affected.
  • Wheel lift tow trucks: These types of vehicles are a modern version of the old hook and chain truck type. It uses a large metal joint that is placed below the wheels. The front end is lifted off the ground, and the vehicle is towed with its rear end rolling around. This type of car is best used on smaller to medium-sized vehicles or vehicles weighing less than 10,000 pounds.
  • Boom and wheel lift tow truck: In this truck, a mix of the wheel lift and the boom truck is created. And they are perfect for lifting smaller vehicles and very large vehicles
  • Flatbed tow truck: These truck types have an open back, which is called a bed. These beds can be reclined, forming a sort of runway for the car to slide up. They are perfect for vehicles that have been in an accident and large vehicle transportation. It is also the best option for new and luxurious cars that need to be transported.
  • Lift flatbed tow truck: Just like the flatbed, these trucks have a bed-like feature that sits at the back of the truck. But unlike the Flatbed tow truck that can be reclined for the vehicle to be pushed or driven up, this type has a boom and wheel lift tow truck feature to place the vehicle onto the bed. It is best used for small to medium-sized vehicles.

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