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Towing services are synonymous with wrong parked cars, impounds, and hefty fines. However, there is a lot more to towing than those negative thoughts. Towing is the action of moving one or more objects using a single force. With respect to cars, towing trucks are a primary pulling source for cars that need to be moved but have been impaired by whatever reason.

When your cars stop in the middle of the road, or you get stuck in mud or other earthly elements, your only option is to request the service of a towing company to get your car to a safe location. When that need arises, then it is vital that you get the services of the best in the business. We are just that, we are Paul’s Towing LTD is the best in the car towing business.

Paul Towing LTD is an automotive towing service available in the region of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. We are a towing service provider who has been active since 1978, working in the area of Richmond, Canada. We have successfully helped millions of residents and visitors when their automobiles have disappointed them.

Our pride is in how useful and timely our services can be rendered. Operating in all of the Richmond areas, we can be at your location in under an hour. We work with diligence, cordiality, and experience, needless to say, that we have been successful in all our services rendered.

With a hands-on founder, we have created a trusted and familiar name within and outside our service area. Our fees are affordable, our trucks and tools are of the best quality, and we are backed up by insurance and certifications. We offer a fair priced bonus service of storing your automobiles at our garage until you can find a solution for them.

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We pride ourselves on being trusted and tested; this means to you that our standard is of good quality. Towing is a tricky job, and if things go wrong, we could cause more harm to your car than its present situation. This means that it is up to us to know how best to handle your automotive so that they remain in the best possible condition.

Ran by our president, Paul’s towing is an automotive service provider with a single operational location. With an adequate amount of workforce, we have been able to keep up with the demand for vehicle towing in our operational region. We run a 24-hour service that offers clients relief when your vehicles break down or get caught in the mud. Our service extends the areas of Steveston, Burkeville, Seafair, Sea Island, Finn Slough, Thompson, Brighouse, Broadmoor, and Southam.

Our biggest pride is in our dedicated and trained staff, who are equipped with the best equipment. We are also proud of our timely response in all situations and emergencies. With four decades to our credit, we have been a part of the area and have assisted thousands of stranded vehicle owners.

We offer a variety of services. Excluding towing, we also provide services in:

Battery boost for when your car battery is weak
Lockout services for when your car leaves you out
Tire change when they bust
Air up for when your tires are deflated
Scrap car removal after accidents.

These services all run with the same commitment as those offered for our towing services, and they can be enjoyed any hour of the day, any day of the week. Our payment options are flexible, including cash, debit, and credit.

Finally, we are covered by insurance and have been certified to do what we do. So now you know that we have seen every situation that can cause a car to need our services and we understand how best to handle them. Learn more about our services on our service page and find out more about how to reach us on our contact us page.

What We Do?

There are lots of competitors in our line of work as with any other line, but we stand different from the rest. Excluding how committed we are to the services we render, we have a detailed list of why you should come to us first.

Why Paul Towing LTD.

Experience: With forty-two years and counting to our name, we at Paul’s Towing have the experience that this job demands. We have seen everything there is to see about car towing, and we know how best to handle each vehicle that needs our services.

Affordable: Our pricing is affordable because we understand that our job involves a lot of unplanned emergencies. We were considerate when placing our fees and ensure that you wouldn’t need to break more than a piggy bank to enjoy our services.

Twenty-four hours service: Emergencies don’t happen at a planned time, and so, having a towing company that works all week, day, and needs long is a treasure to behold. With Paul’s Towing LTD, you don’t have to worry about getting service at an ungodly hour because we will gladly come to your rescue.

Response time: Getting a timely service when stuck in the middle of the road or highway or when stuck in a deserted area, is a delight. We at Paul’s Towing, aren’t just your knight in shining armor in these situations, we are also a timely service, less than an hour, a knight in shining armor.

Certification and licensing: Experience doesn’t cut it if license and certification of authenticity and trust aren’t attached to it. At our towing service, we have both experience and the certification to back it.

Equipment and tools: When it comes to having all the right equipment for a job, we win the award in the towing category. From trailer to smaller fix-up kit, we have it all, and we know perfectly well how to use them.

Insurance coverage: In the unlikely situation that things go wrong while our team is helping you, we have the insurance coverage to soothe the situation. But don’t worry, this insurance coverage never comes in handy.

More than one service: We care for our clients, and so we offer other services including:

Battery boosting
Car lockout services
Tire changing
Tire air upping
Scrap car removal

All these services are provided following the pattern of our towing services.

Garage facility: This is especially useful for those new to the area and has no place to keep their vehicles when they break down. Our garage is open at a fee for you to keep your vehicles until you find a solution to its problems. Our garages are secured with state of the art surveillance so that you can rest easy.

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When your car breaks down, is impaired, or is stuck in the mud, you need a reliable towing service. When you get in an unfortunate accident, and your vehicle is left in scraps, you need a trusted towing service. When your tires are down, bust, or you get locked out of your car, you need a skilled service provider.

No matter what your need might be, you generally need a service team that can be with you in the shortest amount of time and who knows their craft. Communication is paramount at this stage, and we offer it at our contact us page. Head over to get all the information you need for your emergency.

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