We pride ourselves on being trusted and tested; this means to you that our standard is of good quality. Towing is a tricky job, and if things go wrong, we could cause more harm to your car than its present situation. This means that it is up to us to know how best to handle your automotive so that they remain in the best possible condition.

Ran by our president, Paul’s towing is an automotive service provider with a single operational location. With an adequate amount of workforce, we have been able to keep up with the demand for vehicle towing in our operational region. We run a 24-hour service that offers clients relief when your vehicles break down or get caught in the mud. Our service extends the areas of Steveston, Burkeville, Seafair, Sea Island, Finn Slough, Thompson, Brighouse, Broadmoor, and Southam.

Our biggest pride is in our dedicated and trained staff, who are equipped with the best equipment. We are also proud of our timely response in all situations and emergencies. With four decades to our credit, we have been a part of the area and have assisted thousands of stranded vehicle owners.

We offer a variety of services. Excluding towing, we also provide services in:

Battery boost for when your car battery is weak
Lockout services for when your car leaves you out
Tire change when they bust
Air up for when your tires are deflated
Scrap car removal after accidents.

These services all run with the same commitment as those offered for our towing services, and they can be enjoyed any hour of the day, any day of the week. Our payment options are flexible, including cash, debit, and credit.

Finally, we are covered by insurance and have been certified to do what we do. So now you know that we have seen every situation that can cause a car to need our services and we understand how best to handle them. Learn more about our services on our service page and find out more about how to reach us on our contact us page.