Towing services are synonymous with wrong parked cars, impounds, and hefty fines. However, there is a lot more to towing than those negative thoughts. Towing is the action of moving one or more objects using a single force. With respect to cars, towing trucks are a primary pulling source for cars that need to be moved but have been impaired by whatever reason.

When your cars stop in the middle of the road, or you get stuck in mud or other earthly elements, your only option is to request the service of a towing company to get your car to a safe location. When that need arises, then it is vital that you get the services of the best in the business. We are just that, we are Paul’s Towing LTD is the best in the car towing business.

Paul Towing LTD is an automotive towing service available in the region of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. We are a towing service provider who has been active since 1978, working in the area of Richmond, Canada. We have successfully helped millions of residents and visitors when their automobiles have disappointed them.

Our pride is in how useful and timely our services can be rendered. Operating in all of the Richmond areas, we can be at your location in under an hour. We work with diligence, cordiality, and experience, needless to say, that we have been successful in all our services rendered.

With a hands-on founder, we have created a trusted and familiar name within and outside our service area. Our fees are affordable, our trucks and tools are of the best quality, and we are backed up by insurance and certifications. We offer a fair priced bonus service of storing your automobiles at our garage until you can find a solution for them.